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There Is Justice in the World: Human Centipede 3 Gets Worst Metacritic Score Ever

Critics did not like this movie.  

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The defining franchise of our time—Tom Six’s sadistic, sometimes comical, always repellent Human Centipede trilogy—came to a close last week with the release of its third chapter, the aptly titled Human Centipede: Final Sequence. The film takes Six’s rectal brand of body horror to the extreme, with the plot focusing on a deranged prison warden who sutures all his inmates together, mouth-to-anus, before subjecting them to further unwatchable indignities.

Surprisingly, critics weren’t too hot about this movie! A week after its release, Final Sequence has garnered a Metacritic rating of one—as in, a single increment above zero, which, by the way, is the score about half of the polled reviewers awarded the film. That’s enough to tie it for the lowest Metacritic movie score of all time, an honor it shares with past masterpieces like Bio-Dome and 10 Rules for Sleeping Around. Here’s to no more Human Centipede movies!