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David Letterman’s Last “Top Ten” List Was a Parade of Celebrities

It started on Sept. 18, 1985, with the “Top Ten Things That Almost Rhyme With Peas.” Since that first list, David Letterman’s “Top Ten” segment was a fixture of his late-night reign, with what began as a clever bit of media commentary ballooning into an iconic, recurring gag that neatly encapsulated the host’s off-kilter, non sequitur sensibility.

On Wednesday, Letterman ran down his last “Top Ten,” a hilarious ranking of “Things I Always Wanted to Say to Dave” presented by the likes of Bill Murray, Alec Baldwin, Chris Rock, and a host of other celebrities. Come for Julia Louis-Dreyfus thanking Letterman for “letting me take part in another hugely disappointing series finale”; stay for Jim Carrey’s beard.