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A Supercut of the Visual Echoes Between Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul

It is no secret that the first season of AMC’s Better Call Saul featured its share of winks and nods to Breaking Bad, strengthening the feeling that the two shows share a universe. But it isn’t just the familiar faces or occasional Easter eggs that help link the two series.

Aesthetically, Breaking Bad was defined by its cinematography: Extreme close-ups, extreme long shots, POV shots, and bird’s-eye shots are just a few of the many unconventional techniques that gave the show its distinct look. In this video, we compare the aesthetics of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul using split screen. Take a look at how the two shows’ camera placement, framing, and lighting echo one another—and see how the aesthetic similarities play a key part in making the two series feel like one cohesive piece.