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Watch Amy Schumer Play Bill Cosby’s Defense Lawyer in a Literal Court of Public Opinion

The case against Bill Cosby might seem insurmountable, but on Tuesday night Amy Schumer made a commendable attempt to overcome it. In the “Court of Public Opinion,” Schumer dances the iconic Cosby credits dance, hands out some appropriately nostalgic snacks, and makes her case for ignoring the many rape allegations against Cosby. “Let’s remind ourselves what’s at stake here,” she tells the jury. “If convicted, the next time you put on a rerun of The Cosby Show, you might wince a little … and none of us deserve that.”

It’s a cynical but accurate—and, as usual for Schumer, hilarious—take on the diehards who won’t let pesky facts stand in the way of their Cosby fandom.