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This Video of “Actors Angrily Swiping Things off Desks” Is Hypnotizing and Hilarious

Of all the late-night hosts, Seth Meyers might be the most plugged in to the culture of the Internet, where movie clichés and motifs are endlessly analyzed, criticized, and repackaged into supercuts. But Meyers has better connections and a bigger budget than your typical online culture critic, so instead of making supercuts, he makes his own original videos—like this wonderfully executed, star-studded sketch of “Actors Angrily Swiping Things off Desks.”

Stick around till the end—part of the pleasure of watching this video is in the hypnotizing repetition of a fundamentally silly motion. And you won’t want to miss excellent punch lines from Taraji P. Henson and a Muppet (I won’t spoil which), plus a typically earnest extended bit from Will Forte.