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This Supercut Proves It: William H. Macy Is Hollywood’s No. 1 Loser

When I saw the title of the Huffington Post’s latest movie mashup—“William H. Macy Is Cinema’s Number One Loser”—I thought: Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. After watching it, though, I’m sold. Has any actor been humiliated and abused—both physically and emotionally—as thoroughly as Macy? This deftly edited supercut, which draws scenes from 27 films, revisits all the betrayals, rejections, insults, and bad haircuts the actor has endured over the years.

It’ll also remind you why Macy keeps getting cast as a sad sack: He lends an uncommon depth and humanity to even the least likable characters. And luckily for audiences, casting directors realize they have a rare talent in Macy—he has roles in three movies in post-production, according to IMDB—which means that we’ll hopefully continue to enjoy watching nebbishy Macy creations for years to come.