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Updated: Heidi Klum and Pedro Pascal Star in Video Set to Sia’s “Fire Meet Gasoline”

Update, April 23, 2015: This post has been updated to clarify that although Sia shared this video on her Vevo channel, it is not the official music video for “Fire Meet Gasoline.” It was filmed for Heidi Klum’s lingerie line.

You won’t see pint-sized dancer Maddie Ziegler sashaying through a dilapidated home in a leotard, or throwing herself around a cage with Shia LaBeouf, or making bizarre faces in this new video set to Sia’s “Fire Meet Gasoline,” which she shared on her Vevo channel Thursday morning. Instead, supermodel Heidi Klum and Pedro Pascal (who you might know better as Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones) get hot and heavy in this video filmed to promote Klum’s lingerie line. The two canoodle amid some classic scenery, including a sunburst-filled meadow and a charming old house—which they promptly set on fire. In keeping with the Sia music video tradition, the video is both evocative and a little strange—and yes, the trademark blunt blonde wig does make an appearance.