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David Hasselhoff Made the Weirdest ’80s-Inspired Music Video You Will Ever See

This is what the ’80s were like.

Still from YouTube

Today David Hasselhoff debuted his new song, “True Survivor,” an ’80s earworm par excellence. The video features every kind of ’80s nostalgia: lots of neon, old computers, some dude wailing on a keytar. Also: Nazis.

This perfect storm of action-movie tropes and ’80s kitsch comes to us via Kung Fury, a Kickstarter-funded Swedish martial arts film written and directed by David Sandberg. Set in Miami in, unsurprisingly, the 1980s, the movie follows a high-kicking cop who goes back in time to defeat Adolf Hitler, who is apparently a notorious master of kung fu. Kung Fury will be released soon on YouTube, and the ’Hoff’s pump-up song headlines the soundtrack.