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Here Are the Eerie New Posters—Er, GIFs—for True Detective Season 2

One of the things that made the first season of True Detective so gripping was the mood: Within the first few minutes of each episode, viewers were swept up into the show’s dark, edgy, almost tangible universe. HBO has already released a teaser trailer giving us some hints about the content of Season 2—Colin Farrell with a mustache, Rachel McAdams with a sheriff’s badge—but it’s fitting that the new posters for the series emphasize feeling rather than substance.

“Posters” isn’t exactly accurate: The show’s official Twitter account has posted three gorgeous GIFs that eerily illustrate different angles of the highways of Southern California, where the new season is set, each emblazoned with the fatalistic tagline, “We get the world we deserve.” My favorite features a crow pecking at some roadkill beneath an underpass. Spend some time gazing at all three, and get ready to be drawn back into Nic Pizzolatto’s imagination all over again.