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The Mysteries of Carcosa Get a Tad More Mundane in True Dadtective

Not quite as menacing as Reggie Ledoux.

Still from YouTube

The first trailer for True Detective’s second season confirmed that many of the show’s primary themes—brooding men, criminal activity, an occult “web of conspiracy and betrayal”—would return, though the setting would move from Louisiana swampland to California sprawl. The teaser was a thrilling sneak peek, but it also reminded viewers that Nic Pizzolatto’s series is among the most self-serious on television.

Thankfully, Second City’s lightened things up with True Dadtective, a parody video that imagines the show in a more suburban and decidedly less dangerous context. The Lone Star’s been replaced with Coke Zero, but one brave, angsty man is still seeking the truth about Carcosa, er, Costco. Enjoy.