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Bow Down to Todrick Hall’s Impressive Medley of More Than 70 Beyoncé Songs

YouTube star Todrick Hall has a made a name for himself over the last few years with elaborately stylized and choreographed videos that pay homage to beloved pop culture icons, with Hall’s own quirky spin on things. These videos usually involve Disney characters, Beyoncé, or both—and his latest is no different: Hall takes on all five of Queen Bey’s albums in just four minutes.

What makes “4 Beyoncé From Todrick” stand out from most of his other work, however, is how simple the video is. With the screen split into four side-by-side panels, four versions of Todrick remain seated as Hall’s expressive arms do most of the visual work; his costume is a pair of black pants and different colored T-shirts. The real flashiness comes from the intricacy of the medley—his impressive arrangement bounces around frantically, as songs like “Ring the Alarm” and “No Angel,” wonderfully overlap and blur. The whole thing is awesome, but the best part is when he slows it down a bit for “XO,” harmonized beautifully with bits from an array of other Beyoncé slow jams.

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