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The Hidden Violence in Wes Anderson’s Films

Wes Anderson’s movies are perhaps more intense than you think.

Still from Vimeo

Conversation about Wes Anderson tends to be confined to a few shopworn talking points: his symmetrical compositions, his manicured dialogue, his whimsical sensibilities. Less discussed, but more interesting, is the curious undercurrent of violence that courses through his work—those moments when his impeccably appointed worlds collapse and something more brutal, more bloody, emerges.

Dávid Velenczei’s supercut, which threads together many of these moments, exposes the emotion that throbs beneath Anderson’s seemingly inert aesthetic. Whether it’s Max getting beaten up in Rushmore or a dog getting shot in the neck in Moonrise Kingdom, Anderson’s movies often use sudden, vicious acts to rupture a tidy narrative and bring raw pain to the fore.   

(via Indiewire.)