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If You Thought Selfie Sticks Were Absurd, Wait Until You See the Selfie Shoe

Many see the rise of selfie sticks as a sign of the antisocial apocalypse, but they didn’t foresee the narcissistic abomination to come. (Probably because the growing forest of selfie sticks blocked their view.) Behold, the selfie shoe.

Yes, it’s an April Fools joke. But unlike the lame pranks brands pull every year (like Domino’s “driverless delivery videos”) this one from online shoe boutique Miz Mooz transcends simple tomfoolery. It combines an obvious joke about selfie sticks’ awkwardness with a more subtle stab at the buzz around wearable tech. “We’re all super pumped about the selfie shoes,” one man says with a valiantly straight face. “With wearable devices on the horizon, the possibilities are endless. We’re working on a charging functionality, as well as making the selfie shoes water resistant, so really we’re just getting started.” The joke is simple, but pretty much anyone who has been to Disney World or a museum lately can attest: If you’re using basically anything but yourself to take a selfie, you need to take a step back and take a good (figurative) look at yourself.