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Ryan Adams Finally Covered Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69,” And It Was Glorious    

On Tuesday night, Ryan Adams made a more-than-decade-old dream come true when he covered Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69.” It all started in 2002 in Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, where one fan had a single request: that Adams play the song by the other Adams. This apparently ruffled Ryan Adams’ feathers, as he had the fan kicked out. (To Adams’ credit, he gave the guy $30 as a refund.)

Years have passed, and Stereogum notes that Ryan Adams has come to terms with how close his name sounds to Bryan Adams’—he even played “Run to You,” another Bryan Adams song, last year. And on Tuesday night, he finally played “Summer of ’69,” in the same venue that heard that persistent fan’s heckling so many years ago. One can only hope that, wherever that fan is now, he heard the siren sound of Adams’ spot-on acoustic rendition.