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The Rolling Stones Reveal Gorgeous, Never-Before-Heard Acoustic Version of “Wild Horses”

The reissue of Sticky Fingers will be available on May 25.

Album art for Sticky Fingers

In preparation for next month’s reissue of their 1971 classic Sticky Fingers, the Rolling Stones have released a never-before-heard version of “Wild Horses.” this week. The acoustic take brings a slightly different ambience to the band’s famous ballad, with Keith Richards’ electric guitar ornaments replaced by subtle harmonics on an acoustic guitar, and Mick Jagger’s vocal sounding as raw and emotional as ever. The Stones brought out this first track from the new Sticky Fingers with a lyric video, which zips and unzips just like the original album cover.

The reissue of Sticky Fingers, set for a May 25 release, includes a number of alternative versions of classic songs, as well as live sets from 1971 shows in London and Leeds. There are 10 different versions—on vinyl, CD, and MP3—available for pre-order from the Stones’ site. The Stones will also go on a North American tour to support the release.