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Living in These Star Warz Is Everything You Could Ever Want in a Star Wars Novelty Album

The album of every Star Wars superfan’s dreams arrived almost four decades ago. After the seminal Star Wars film’s unprecedented box-office success, a host of musicians jumped on the bandwagon with Star Wars-inspired albums, and Dangerous Minds has dug up several of them.

The one that’s available to stream on YouTube, Living in These Star Warz by the Rebel Force Band, is a galactic treasure. The album comprises 10 songs, interweaving almost every musical style of the time, from disco to R&B to power pop. You’ll find upbeat songs offering practical advice, such as “Don’t Fall in Love with an Android,” and slower, more emotional jams, like the instant-classic power ballad “Leia,” (pronounced, inexplicably, LEE-ya). Every fan will have her own favorite track—but you must concede, “Chewie the Rookie Wookie” wins for best misspelled title.

And if the Rebel Force Band doesn’t quench your thirst for ’70s style Star Wars–themed music, you can always follow it up with “Weird Al” Yankovic’s “The Saga Begins.”