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Furious 7 Is the Super Bowl of Deep Voices. But Whose Voice Is Deepest?

Which Furious 7 actor has the deepest voice? Vin Diesel? The Rock?

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Any franchise that stars Vin Diesel is bound to give your subwoofer a workout, but the Fast and the Furious series has accumulated deep-voiced actors as if they were pulled in by the sheer gravity of Diesel’s vocal cords. With Fast Five, it recruited the booming vocal stylings of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. With Fast & Furious 6, it added the always-growly Jason Statham. And now with Furious 7, it’s tapped not only gravel-voiced Djimon Hounsou but also the sonorous legend of a previous generation: iconic macho man Kurt Russell. Factor in the vocal range of a professional R&B singer (Tyrese Gibson, a series regular starting with 2 Fast 2 Furious), and you have something special: Hollywood’s own Super Bowl of deep voices, with each actor seeming to compete to hit the lowest note—as if to prove once and for all that they are (in the words of the movie) “the alpha.”

But whose voice is the deepest? We ran a highly scientific spectral analysis on the seven actors with the lowest vocal tones—searching for the clips where their basso was the most profondo—to find out.