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ClickHole Just Might Persuade You to Go Vegetarian

ClickHole’s videos have been rather weird in recent months. Instead of directly parodying BuzzFeed’s inexorably viral videos, the Onion spinoff has taken banal premises in absurdist, even Dada-esque directions. See, for instance, ”Woman Tell You What They’re REALLY Looking for in a Man” (spoiler: it’s all the attributes of Thomas the Tank Engine), or the darkly existential “Watch These Parents Explain Loud Sex to Their Children for the First Time.”

Which is why I was so surprised by this unironic offering, ”Why Vegetarian,” in which four fresh-faced, charismatic young people earnestly explain why they don’t eat meat. As a vegetarian myself, I could totally relate: I inherited my vegetarianism from my mom, I practically live on pesto soda, and—I’ll admit it—I love dunking vegetables in milk. But this video isn’t just for vegetarians: If you’re an omnivore, you might find yourself persuaded by the video, which makes the meat-free lifestyle look pretty glamorous.