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The Trailer for Batman v Superman Is Here, and It Looks Dark

“Tell me, do you bleed?”

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Information about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been coming out in dribs and drabs over the past year, and we’re still a long way from its May 2016 release. But the first trailer for the Zack Snyder–directed movie leaked on Thursday, via what seems to be a fan’s handheld recording of a version with Portuguese subtitles. We can’t recommend watching this version instead of seeing it on the big screen, but it’s still online for now via CNET.


Update, 8 p.m.: The official version is now online. You can watch it below.

To say the movie looks dark would be an understatement, and the trailer seems to go out of its way to make no one look like a hero. Superman looms in cloudy skies, while Batman—fully equipped in a high-tech armored suit that recalls Frank Miller’s graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns—threatens him with language that sounds more Bane-like than anything else. “Tell me, do you bleed?” he asks. “You will.” If all goes according to plan, the trailer will have its official debut in select theaters on April 20.