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Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson’s Zoolander 2 Announcement Is So Hot Right Now

Though there have been rumors of a Zoolander sequel for almost a decade, there’s no turning back now. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson made it official in the only way they could, by taking to the runways at the Valentino show at Paris fashion week last night—for a walk-off.

In a tough break, Zoolander may have given Hansel the leg-up by walking to his right. (Remember: Zoolander’s not an ambi-turner.) But I think we can all agree that he won with this maneuver:

And this morning Paramount announced a release date of Feb. 12, 2016:

My only real question is “Will Billy Zane return?” In the meantime, one thing’s for certain: Zoolander superfan Terrence Malick (seriously) is psyched.