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Kimmy Schmidts Best Celebrity Cameo Doesn’t Come Until Episode 11

Of course Kimmy’s doomsday cult leader had to be this guy.

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Big spoiler below. 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has a slew of top-shelf guest stars: Martin Short as a plastic surgeon, Nick Kroll as a spin instructor, Kiernan Shipka as Kimmy’s half-sister. But the best cameo of the show is saved for the 11th episode of the season, when Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne finally appears.

Kimmy Schmidt teases the reverend’s identity in the very first episode. Here, we see his back while he speaks to the Mole Women inside the bunker. There’s definitely something familiar about his voice, but it’s not enough to really lock it down—especially because he turns on a slight Southern accent. The voice, the slouch, and the long hair keep the reverend’s true identity a secret—until Episode 11, when he heads in to trial. As his interviewer points out: “He cleans up well.”

Of course, it had to be Jon Hamm. Tina Fey has been leveraging Hamm’s charisma as a punch line for years—most notably when Liz Lemon realizes that Dr. Drew Baird lives in “a bubble” due to his good looks. In a way, the 30 Rock storyline provides a perfect complement to Kimmy Schmidt, where a protagonist must learn to confront a difficult reality after having been sheltered from the world.