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Twin Peaks’ Third Season Is Stalled, Hopefully Not Canceled

David Lynch is not sure he can give the masses what they want. 

Photo by DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP/Getty Images

Don’t start sipping those damn fine cups of coffee just yet: David Lynch is now “not sure” the long-awaited Twin Peaks revival will happen. The reason? Contract “complications”—though all nine episodes of a third season are written, the director is yet to sign an agreement with Showtime so that the show can enter production.

No word on what, exactly, is stalling said agreement. An all-out cancellation of the reboot seems unlikely, but there’s a fair chance these delays affect production and, transitively, the new season’s eventual air date. Lynch, for his part, still seems to be excited about the new episodes—he thinks it will be “very special to go back into that world”—so fingers crossed that this is all just a little hiccup, and that Agent Cooper and friends return to TV soon.