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You Can Help Crowdfund Super Troopers 2. Update: It’s Funded!

Right meow.

Broken Lizard, via IndieGoGo

If you loved Super Troopers and have been delighted by rumors of its return, you’re in luck—but Broken Lizard needs your help. The filmmaking team announced Tuesday that a sequel script has been approved, but before the project gets the green light from Fox, fans need to donate $2 million to fund the project through IndieGoGo.

As with any crowdfunding campaign, there are more rewards than just the finished product. For instance, if you’ve got $35,000 sitting around, you can take home the patrol car. Like, the actual one used in the movie. (Bad news is, Farva is apparently not included.)    

Update, March 25, 2015: After only a day, Broken Lizard’s IndieGoGo campaign has officially reached its goal. That means Super Troopers 2 is a go.