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How to Make Crispy, Delicious Kale Chips—No Dehydrator Required

I am not ashamed of the fact that I love kale chips. They are as crunchy, salty, and delicious as a good potato chip, yet plausibly healthy. On days when I am too busy or lazy to cook, buying kale chips allows me to cross “eat a vegetable” off my personal to-do list. I have tried enough kinds to have a favorite brand (New York Naturals) and flavor (Vegan “Cheese”). I’ve even enjoyed Kale Krackers, which I am a little sheepish of, but only because of the sensational spelling.

Yet despite the gusto with which I devour store-bought kale chips, I don’t eat them as often as I’d like because they are crazy expensive. This is why I set out to learn how to make them at home, with the help of my colleague Bryan Lowder, and it turns out it’s about as easy as turning the oven to 300 degrees and waiting half an hour or so. If you’ve never eaten an entire bunch of kale in one sitting, today might be your lucky day—watch the above video for details.