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If Wes Anderson Directed X-Men

The X-Men franchise has produced seven movies since 2000, all of which were helmed by big-budget, mainstream directors like Bryan Singer and James Mangold. But in the above parody trailer, YouTube user Patrick Willems puts an indie twist on the series, imagining the mutant world as seen through the eyes of Wes Anderson.

The pairing seems ill-advised, especially given how most parody trailers—and there are a lot—tend to force two random, disparate concepts into an awkward whole. But there is something Andersonian in the social isolation that plagues X-Men’s characters, and Willems does a bang-up job mimicking the director’s style: we get lots of manicured compositions, British Invasion tunes, and wry, deadpan narration. And as the making-of video notes, portions of the trailer were filmed around the very same building that houses the title family of The Royal Tenenbaums.