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Updated: Eddie Murphy Might Have Done a Stand-Up Set for the First Time in Over 25 Years

Is stand-up Eddie Murphy back?

Photo by BORIS HORVAT/AFP/Getty Images

Update, March 23: Last week, conflicting reports suggested that Eddie Murphy performed at The Comedy Store based upon a tweet by Arsenio Hall which has since been deleted. Since then Laughspin has confirmed with Murphy’s publicist that the comedian “didn’t perform.” However, as Laughspin also reports, The Humor Mill has updated its own original post on the issue, remarking that a source employed at The Comedy Store has told them that “Eddie did go on stage, he said a few words after Arsenio called him up, and then he left.”

Eddie Murphy seems to be slowly making his way back into the spotlight after years of laying low—last month he made an all-too brief cameo on SNL’s 40th anniversary special; this week he was cast as Richard Pryor’s father in the late comedian’s upcoming biopic. And last night, according to reports, performed a stand up set at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, his first such public performance in over 25 years.

Unsurprisingly, there was a strict no-recording policy for everyone in attendance, so there’s no footage of the surprise event. But Arsenio Hall, who also performed last night, shared his excitement on Twitter: