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CNN Made Its Own Version of “Too Many Cooks,” and It Might Be Even Weirder

Well-played, CNN.

CNN, via YouTube

Just when you thought “Too Many Cooks” was dead, CNN has brought it back to life. The network made its own Election 2016–themed version of the video featuring a string of hilariously out-of-context images of politicians, such as Bobby Jindal slow-walking toward the camera and Scott Walker emerging via ladder from a hole in the ground. Also: Majestic bald eagles soar through the air, John Boehner puckers up for the camera, and Hillary Clinton flashes a coy, campaign-ready smile. Much like the original “Too Many Cooks,” the video starts to drag toward the middle, so forward to the four-minute mark to see things start to get weird. Spoiler alert: Demon sheep make a solid substitute for Smarf.