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The First Teaser for the Final Episodes of Mad Men Is Here

At last, the final episodes of the final season of Mad Men have their first teaser, and it is … completely puzzling and insubstantial, obviously. For the most part, various cast members just turn and smile one by one at the camera, to the tune of Diana Ross’ “Love Hangover.” The 1976 single is arguably a perfect song for a show entering a decade that’s often considered a long hangover after the Swinging Sixties—though from the look of Sally we shouldn’t expect a surprise seven-year leap forward.

Anyway, who will be the first to suggest this teaser proves that Megan is Sharon Tate? Or that Don is D.B. Cooper? Or that Pete is HAL 9000? It’s a long time until the premiere of the second part of the final season on April 5.