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Watch the Charmingly Awkward Trailer for the New Kristin Wiig Comedy Welcome to Me

Wes Bentley and Kristen Wiig in Welcome to Me.

Still from YouTube

The trailer for Welcome to Me—the upcoming film in which Kristin Wiig plays Alice Klieg, a woman with borderline personality disorder who wins the lottery—is delightfully, Wiig-ishly weird. Alice uses her winnings to live like her hero: Oprah. The trailer shows Alice pursuing this dream, building a new life for herself via a talk show while her friends and family scramble to keep up.

The movie is produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, and directed by Shira Piven, McKay’s wife. James Marsden, Wes Bentley, Joan Cusack, and Tim Robbins will also make appearances. Jennifer Jason Leigh looks particularly on-point in her turn as a skeptical TV producer.

With television-studio gags in the spirit of Anchorman, media critique à la The Truman Show and Edtv, and an idiot-savant tenderness that recalls Jerzy Kosinski’s Being There, Welcome to Me looks very promising indeed.