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Jimmy Fallon Sang “Old Man” With Neil Young, and It Was Beautiful

Most of Jimmy Fallon’s vocal impressions on Late Night and the Tonight Show thus far have been jokey: Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen singing “Sexy and I Know It,” Bruce Springsteen and Brue Springsteen singing a song about the “Gov. Christie Traffic Jam,” Iggy Azalea singing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.”

But this new duet, his first one with the real Neil Young, is almost poignant. Fallon’s abilities as a vocal chameleon—the T-1000 of comedy singing—sound just as uncanny when heard side-by-side with the geniune article, and when he sings “I’m a lot like you were” next to the real Young, now 69 years old, it’s less funny than it is just a perfect moment.