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Best Coast’s New Song Is a Glorious, if Predictable, Celebration of California

Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast.

Photo by Ben Horton/Getty Images

Back in 2012, indie duo Best Coast were more than a band—they were leaders of a strange resurgence in blissed-out beach rock, with outfits like Wavves and Real Estate trading in similar shades of Zen lyricism and shimmering pop melody. Now, three years later, the band is releasing major-label debut California Nights, and the title track is a soaring, hypnotic ballad that should erase doubts about a rusty return.

Granted, the song’s lyrics are terribly on-the-nose (“California nights make me feel so happy/ I could die”) but subtlety has never been Best Coast’s strong suit—they did, after all, write a song called “The Sun Was High (So Was I).” Still, their sound hasn’t aged: The slacker rhythms, swirling guitars, and washed-out euphoria of Bethany Cosentino’s vocals make this a perfect song for spring. Now we just need winter to end.