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A Woody Allen TV Series Is Coming to Amazon Instant Video

Woody Allen.

Photo by FRANCOIS GUILLOT/AFP/Getty Images

Woody Allen is apparently made of Teflon. Despite increased backlash over allegations that he molested his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow over 20 years ago, the director has scored a full-season order for a new TV series with Amazon. This will be the filmmaker’s first major venture into episodic television. (As he famously joked in Annie Hall, via his iconic character Alvy Singer, “[In California], they don’t throw their garbage away, they turn it into television shows.”)

No details yet on what the project will be about, but Allen will, of course, write and direct. (Hopefully, the premise is a little less uncomfortable than that of his next film.) In his typically neurotic fashion, Allen says of the news, “I don’t know how I got into this. I have no ideas and I’m not sure where to begin. My guess is that [Amazon Studios vice president] Roy Price will regret this.”