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Tina Fey’s New Netflix Show Looks Both Funny and Insane

Tina Fey has always forged her own path through the world of comedy—so it makes sense that for her first show since 30 Rock, she’s opted to go the nontraditional route of streaming. Her new series, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, was originally meant to air on NBC (whose arguable last great comedy, Parks and Recreation, is on its way out). The show has since been picked up by the executives at Netflix, who know a thing or two about the kind of quirky humor Fey’s known for (see: Bojack Horseman). And judging from the show’s first trailer, it’ll be right at home on Netflix.


The show follows Kimmy Schmidt (Ellie Kemper), a woman freed from some bizarre “underground apocalypse cult,” who attempts to rejoin the real world in New York City. She ends up rooming with a black gay street performer (Tituss Burgess) and nannying for a snooty Upper East Side-type mom (played by a typically over-sarcastic Jane Krakowski). As the trailer hints, the show is sprinkled with the kind of lighthearted political satire that made fans fall in love with Liz Lemon and company (there’s an especially great catcalling joke near the end).

And while the trailer—which looks like a recap of the first episode—seems to undersell the show’s plot, Netflix is hopeful for its future: The network has already picked up the show for a second season ahead of its March 6 premiere, when all Season 1 episodes will be available for binge-watching.