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The Best Music Video of 2014 Just Got a Sequel

After years writing hit songs for other people, Sia finally had a breakout year of her own in 2014 with “Chandelier”—and it was in large part because of the song’s stellar video. Sia’s latest single from 1000 Forms of Fear, the Diplo-produced “Elastic Heart,” reunites her with 12-year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler, whose interpretative dance in “Chandelier” earned her widespread acclaim. This time, fellow interpretive dance enthusiast Shia LaBeouf joins her for an even creepier and more emotional sequel.

In “Chandelier,” we saw a younger version of Sia (Ziegler) going wild within the confines of a dingy old apartment. “Elastic Heart” has Ziegler’s version of Sia trapped once again, but this time she’s stuck with LaBeouf: Inside of what looks like a giant birdcage, they eat away at each other’s sanity—contorting both their bodies and faces in a way that brings the elasticity of the song’s title to life in their dueling movements. I won’t spoil the video’s devastating conclusion, but it’s worth watching until the very end.