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This Year, Resolve to Make Your Oatmeal More Interesting

New Year’s resolutions, we’re told, fail when they’re too vague and too ambitious. If you vow to get in shape, or give up caffeine cold turkey, you’re unlikely to succeed. It’s much more realistic to resolve to do something small and concrete that you can easily keep track of. You could decide to ride your bike to work twice a week, for instance, or to limit yourself to one high-quality cup of coffee per day.

Or you could do something even easier and more enjoyable by resolving to eat oatmeal for dinner at least once a month. It’s cheap, it’s healthy, it’s easy to make. Plus—though people have a tendency to forget this—it tastes just as good (or even better) with savory toppings as sweet ones. Watch the above video for some of our favorite savory oatmeal recipes, and share your outside-the-box oatmeal ideas in the comments.