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Louis C.K.’s New Stand-Up Special Is Streaming Now. Here’s How to Watch It.

On Monday night, Louis C.K. was forced to cancel his latest show at Madison Square Garden due to the forecasted (and ultimately overhyped) blizzard: “I’m not one to defy future historic events,” he joked in an email to fans. Buried in that same email, C.K. also announced a stand-up special to be “historically available” on his website “very soon.” As promised, today he’s released Louis C.K.: Live at the Comedy Store, and you can download or stream it now.

Like C.K.’s 2013 HBO special and his 1998 feature film Tomorrow Night, the hour-long special is available to download and stream for just $5. In a separate “long winded, unedited coffee-addled, had to shit the whole time while my kids yelled at me to take them sledding-written” email, C.K. gave some background on the new special:

The Comedy Store is the only club in the country that NEVER passed me when I auditioned. I auditioned at many clubs where I didn’t pass but I always went back and finally did pass. The Comedy Store NEVER passed me. I just wasn’t right for them. I didn’t start working there until I became well known enough to circumvent the audition process. Until I became one of those guys who can just walk into a nightclub and go on stage.

So why did I shoot my new special in this place? I don’t know. Maybe because, after thirty years of doing comedy, the most exciting feeling for me is going on stage, not entirely sure it’s going to go well. To this day, when I work at the Store, I feel there’s a one in three chance I might bomb. Like bomb hard. To a guy my age who has been doing it this long, that is exciting … I really feel truly privileged to have shot this special on that stage.

Hopefully, the new special will be enough to hold fans over until Louie’s fifth season starts on April 9.