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Jimmy Kimmel Found the Patriots’ “Locker Room Guy”

In the run-up to Sunday’s Super Bowl, the Patriots have been embroiled in the great Ballghazi scandal of 2015 over the use of deflated footballs in an AFC Championship game. (Needless to say, the “ball” jokes have written themselves.) And while we may never know the identity of the locker room attendant alleged to have been responsible for the controversy, Jimmy Kimmel has a few ideas.

On Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, several Boston favorites—Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, John Krasinski, Chris Evans, and more—fessed up to deflating the balls under the guise of pretty much every New England stereotype you can think of, each with their own colorful excuse. And after hearing Affleck’s passionate (and highly entertaining) defense of Tom Brady, you kind of have to believe he did it.