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Zachary Quinto on Why He Wanted to Make a Movie About an “Ex-Gay” Activist

James Franco as Michael Glatze and Zachary Quinto as his boyfriend, Bennett.

Publicity photo for I Am Michael

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Perhaps the most controversial movie at this year’s Sundance Film Festival is I Am Michael, which stars James Franco as Michael Glatze, the prominent gay rights activist who became a Christian, turned against his old allies, and declared that he was no longer gay.

Zachary Quinto stars opposite Franco as Bennett, Glatze’s longtime boyfriend. We asked the openly gay actor (who was joined for the interview by producer Neal Dodson) whether he’d had an opportunity to meet Glatze and his ex-boyfriend, and why he wanted to make a movie about the controversial figure.


Interview booked by Raquel Bruno. Executive produced by Ayana Morali.