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Watch the Unreleased Video the Beastie Boys and Nas Made for “Too Many Rappers”

The music video made for “Too Many Rappers,” a collaboration between the Beastie Boys and Nas featured on the former’s 2011 album Hot Sauce Committee Part 2, was never released. But per Pitchfork, a Beastie Boys fan spotted the video on the website of film editor Neal Usatin, and it’s also been uploaded to YouTube.

It’s not entirely clear when the video, directed by Roman Coppola, was filmed—though it appears to include footage from the Beastie Boys’ 2009 Bonnaroo performance. It also uses an earlier edit of the song, which has been online since at least 2009, and was originally meant for the never-released Hot Sauce Committee Part 1. (A different version, which cut MCA’s “And I MC and never die/ ’Cause death is the cousin of sleep” line, was included on the subsequent album.)

The video is classic Beastie Boys: DIY, low-budget, and amusing, with the four rappers gallivanting around the produce section of a supermarket while spitting their respective verses. It’s especially poignant, if bittersweet, to see MCA, who died in 2012, so full of life.