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Watch 2 Chainz School Nancy Grace on Marijuana Legalization

Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz might seem like the two public figures least likely to have an insightful conversation about whether we should legalize marijuana. But that’s exactly what the two attempted to do on Tuesday night when the Georgia rapper appeared on Grace’s HLN show to talk all things weed. Grace, in accordance with her usual hysterics, confronted 2 Chainz, a known smoker, with stories of child abuse that involved weed—among other drugs. Grace’s absurd equation of pot-smokers with child abusers in turn elicited a surprisingly thoughtful counterargument from 2 Chainz.

“It’s something deeper than a joint,” he tried to explain to Grace about the difference between negligent parents and parents who smoke weed. He also made some valid points, to Grace’s dismay, about how legalizing marijuana could reduce prison overcrowding and, as a result, free up taxpayer money.

These issues aside, the interview’s also worth a watch just to see 2 Chainz explain the origin story of his original rap name (Tity Boi) to a visibly puzzled Grace (around the 2:40 mark).