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Now Team America: World Police Is Getting Pulled From Theaters, Too

Looks like you won’t be seeing Team America either.

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After Sony decided on Wednesday to cancel the Dec. 25 release of The Interview following a spate of cyber attacks and threats, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema announced that it would show 2004’s Team America: World Police in its place. It now appears that Paramount Pictures has halted not only that plan, but any plans to screen Team America nationwide.

On Thursday, a Capitol Theater in Cleveland, Ohio tweeted that its Team America screening had been canceled at the request of Paramount Pictures. The theater had booked the film in October as part of its Melt Bar and Grilled Late Shift series, but confirmed to Slate that it received an email Thursday from Paramount informing them the film has been “pulled from release.”

Alamo Drafthouse tweeted later on Thursday that “due to circumstances beyond our control,” their Dec. 27 Team America screening has also been canceled.

Update, Dec. 18, 5 p.m: Paramount has responded with “no comment.”