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This Is the Best Mashup of the Year in Pop

While we always look forward to DJ Earworm’s annual mega-mashup of the year in pop, his approach of sticking to Billboard’s top 25 songs of the year leaves out a lot of great music (and can result in a mix that’s mostly white). Happily, there are other entrants in the year-end pop-music mashup game, including YouTuber Daniel Kim: Since 2010, Kim has made an annual “Pop Danthology.” This year’s includes 66 of 2014’s biggest hits.

You’ll hear everything from “Drunk in Love” to “Rather Be” to “Loyal” and a wide range of other songs (get the full list here), all creatively chopped and screwed together. He makes especially good use of the funky, lesser-known “Happy (NEUS Remix),” about 40 seconds in.

This is the best and most representative review of the year in pop I’ve seen so far. And for a complete breakdown of all the vocals, lyrics, and instrumentals Kim used, watch the video below.

The Year in Pop in Eight Minutes