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Watch These Chefs Make the World’s Most Beautiful, Complex Gingerbread House

Modernist Cuisine, a collective of chefs, scientists, and writers led by Nathan Myhrvold, is best known for its six-volume, $500 encyclopedia of innovative cooking techniques. Even if you haven’t dropped half a grand on the books, you might have seen some of Myhrvold’s stunning food photography, which prove that food can be a medium for visual art as much as culinary art. Incidentally, an exhibit of fifty Modernist Cuisine photographs is currently on museum tour.

But you don’t have to go to a museum to see Modernist Cuisine’s art: Just watch the above video of Modernist Cuisine’s technicians building a stunning gingerbread house homage to the Casa Batlló, Antoni Gaudi’s architectural masterpiece in Barcelona. Slabs of gingerbread are laser-cut and then adorned with icing, gold dust, and crushed Jolly Ranchers, among other edible decorations. You might want to watch it several times to soak in the attention lavished on every delicious detail.

(Via Grubstreet.)