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Watch 550 Artists of All Kinds Answer the Question: Lennon or McCartney?

John Lennon and Paul McCartney were, obviously, an artistic partnership for the ages. And it can be surprisingly tricky to tell which Beatles songs each of them was mostly responsible for, at least on their early records.

Still, most people do generally seem to prefer one to the other, and Scared Goose Productions, a film, TV and Web series production company run by Matt Schichter, had the brilliant idea of rounding up 550 answers to that question from interviews with musicians, actors, and other artists that were recorded during the last 10 years. The people quizzed include Robert De Niro, Lady Gaga, Kevin Hart, David Byrne, and hundreds more.

Some refuse to choose, and a few say Harrison or Ringo—one interviewee even offers “Richards.” But most pick one of the two. The whole thing runs more than 30 minutes, but it’s a fun watch (or listen) when you find the time.

(Via Open Culture.)