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The First Trailer for Pixar’s Inside Out Is Finally Here

A look inside the mind of the mother.

Still from the trailer

Two months ago, the teaser for Inside Out introduced Pixar fans to the five characterized emotions that will star in their new movie, a journey inside the human brain. Now, we get to meet the people who house them. The first trailer all takes place during a typical family dinner scene, and shows us how emotions can play out in the minds of a father (voiced by Kyle MacLachlan), a mother (Diane Lane), and their daughter (newcomer Kaitlyn Dias).

Some of the human characters in this brief look are not as imaginative as what you might expect from Pixar: The scene relies on some tired gender stereotypes for its humor, giving us a clueless dad, distracted by sports, and a nagging mother. But we don’t usually see these arguments from this vantage, with their Anger emotions duking it out. And it seems like the real focus will be Riley, who has lost the emotions for Sadness and Joy. It’s in Riley’s mind that I’m most interested, and, if done right, Inside Out might resonate more with adolescent girls than any other Pixar film to date.