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The One Piece of Equipment You Need to Make Great Coffee

Not long ago, under the rather inflammatory headline “Down With Drip Coffee,” Slate ran a video that suggested abandoning your electric coffeemaker in favor of a Chemex, AeroPress, moka pot, or French press. If you, like me, brew a pot of filtered coffee every morning, this advice might have been unwelcome. After all, change is scary, and drip coffee machines are so easy to use.

I asked my colleague Jamelle Bouie, a coffee aficionado, if there was any way to improve my coffee without sacrificing my irrational attachment to my drip machine. Jamelle’s answer was yes—you just need to pay more attention to the water and invest in a decent grinder. If your New Year’s resolution is to drink better coffee without upending your daily routine, watch our video for Jamelle’s advice.