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The Whole Gang Is Back in the First Trailer for the Entourage Movie

The boys are back. Three years after the series finale left Vince, E, Ari, and co. on the tarmac—their lives inexplicably perfect across the board, per usual (Turtle a millionaire! Vince engaged! Sloan pregnant!)—the trailer for the long-awaited Entourage movie is finally here.

Some highlights: Vince playing a superhero DJ in his (over budget) directorial debut. The usual fast cars and models. Ari yelling. Ari in therapy. Even more models. A party on a yacht. A reference to moving back to Queens. Multiple celebrity cameos (UFC star Ronda Rousey, Mark Wahlberg).

Yep, this is still the fantasy land (essentially without conflict) that Entourage fans know and love. Written and directed by series creator Doug Ellin, the movie hits theaters this summer.