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Chris Rock on the Intelligence of Adam Sandler and Getting Confused for Chris Tucker

Chris Rock.


Chris Rock’s been on a roll lately, following a fascinating interview with Frank Rich and a blunt, well-received essay on Hollywood’s race problem with the best movie reviews of his career for Top Five. The comedian was on Reddit this afternoon to promote the film, and the Q&A included some fascinating comments and promising news. Fans of his 2009 documentary Good Hair, for instance, will be happy to know that he’s got plans for a follow up. He’s also working on another movie and writing new stand-up.

It’s an AMA worth reading in full for Rock fans, but if you just want the highlights, we’ve got you covered.

On the smartest SNL cast member:

The smartest SNL cast member was Adam Sandler, by far.

People are going to know this - when I got hired, Adam was hired as a writer, he wasn’t even hired as a cast member. And he was smart enough to write stuff for other people AND write stuff for himself at the same time. Made himself indispensable. Made himself into a star. Smartest guy I know.

On why he “retired” his infamous “Niggas vs. Black People” routine and whether America has made any progress on race since he wrote it: 

First of all, I didn’t retire the bit because of anything. I retire everything after I do it on TV. People never really respond to jokes twice, you know? Humor is about surprise. Race in America, I mean, you know, there’s progress and then there’s setbacks. Since Bring the Pain it’s a different world, obviously. That was 1996. A lot’s happened since ‘96. I’d say it’s a better world.

On not being Chris Tucker:

Someone asked if I still hang out with Jackie Chan: Oh boy! Okay. That’s Chris Tucker. I’m Chris Rock. BUT… you know… (sneezes) I never hung out with Jackie Chan. I’m a big fan of the Rush Hour movies, and me and Chris Tucker get confused with each other all the time, and it’s the first thing we talk about when we bump into each other.

On his strangest encounter with a fan:

I remember a midget girl hit on me one night. She came up to me, at a club, I forget what city—it was getting late—and she asked what hotel I was staying at, and I said I was married, and she said “Can’t blame a bitch for trying!”

That was funny.

On the movie he regrets having passed on, Meet the Parents:

There was NO De Niro at the time! There you go!

On whether he likes or loves orange-flavored Tic Tacs:

I really like orange Tic Tacs. I wouldn’t describe it as love. I mean, I like all Tic Tacs. There’s no such thing as a bad Tic Tac.

On the fate of his next-door-neighbor dentist, mentioned in Kill the Messenger:

I think the dentist moved… and now my neighbor owns a tile company.

On the directors who inspired Top Five:

I’m a big Woody Allen fan. I’m a big Alexander Payne fan, Paul Thomas Anderson… Soderbergh… but probably Woody more than anybody. People are calling TOP FIVE “Woody-ish” but if you’re not stealing from Woody, you’re not doing anything, you know? If you’re not stealing from the Beatles, you’re not making music!

On his favorite breakfast food:

My favorite breakfast food?

I really just like a bowl of pineapple, to tell you the truth.

I just like some fruit in the morning.

Some pineapple and a side of bacon.