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This Video Essay Is the Deepest, Most Intelligent Exploration of Wolf of Wall Street Yet

Most complaints about Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street can be summed up in two words: too much. Too much profanity. Too much debauchery. Too much movie in general, for a story that seems to be making the same point over and over again. But Milad Tangshir’s sprawling, thesis-like video essay reveals the film’s excess to be a finely tuned, impeccably thought-out meditation on greed, morality, and the motivations that inform both. It’s the best analysis of the movie I’ve encountered.

Tangshir’s take is long—the video spans about 30 minutes—but deeply researched, and it yields new understanding of Scorsese’s craft both within Wolf’s narrative and in the wider context of his work. The film’s innovative narration, stylistic flourishes, and digressive structure are all explored. Particularly insightful are Tangshir’s thoughts on Scorsese’s eschewal of plot and embrace of character, as well as his notes on the film’s nested artifice, which, like layers around a hollow core, mimic in form Belfort’s amoral behavior.  

(via Press Play.)