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“Too Many Cooks” Is a Towering Achievement in Surreal, Satiric Comedy

In case you missed it: “Too Many Cooks,” an 11-minute parody of ’80s sitcom title sequences, has been generally breaking peoples’ brains the past few days. Beginning on Oct. 28, the video aired on Adult Swim at 4 in the morning over several consecutive days, and has since won over the Internet with its out-there surrealism, biting satire, and bizarre regurgitation of shopworn tropes.

The less said about the video the better—part of its strange power is rooted in the viewer’s oscillation between amusement, boredom, and disbelief—but suffice to say it’s a sprawling genre send-up that starts weird and only gets weirder. It’s also an impeccably crafted, richly referential text, so repeated viewings yield even deeper pleasures. The man behind the masterpiece is Casper Kelly, who answers some key questions over at Vulture.

*Correction, Nov. 8, 2014: This post originally misstated that “Too Many Cooks” first aired on Adult Swim the week of Nov. 3. It began on Oct. 28.